Self-driving vehicles are behind the door. This is how the future of mobility looks...

It’s early morning and you are heading to work. You pick-up your smartphone and summon a ride. Few moments, and it’s there. Car stops near you, opens the door and welcomes you. While commuting to your workplace, you can catch up with e-mails, listen to an audiobook or read. Whatever it is, you don’t need to focus on driving. This is a self-driving vehicle.

Porsche is investing €6 billion in electric cars

Porsche means business when it comes to electric cars. The company announced that it will double its investments to 6 billion euros to develop a fleet of electric cars by 2022.

Hyundai is preparing electric Kona with 470 kilometres of range for 2019

Hyundai is preparing a battery electric version of its SUV model Kona. The electric car is set to debut on 27th February, and it will start taking orders in summer 2018.

Tesla Racing is now an official thing

Tesla Racing, that was announced around 2 years ago, has received a full approval from FIA. Called Electric Production Car series (ECPS), its goal is to become a venue where carmakers can compete with its best-performing electric cars against each other.

California plans to have 5 million electric cars by 2030

California, which leads the country for the most number of electric vehicles and charging stations, aims big again. Its Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state wants have 5 million electric cars, plus 250 000 charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations by the end of next decade.

A minimum of $90 billion will be invested into electric cars

Governments all over the world, mainly in Western Europe, China and USA are planning to ban sales of new gas-powered cars sometime between 2025 and 2040. Therefore, traditional carmakers are under pressure to start creating cars that will follow these regulations.

Next step for Norway? Electric flights

According to country’s airport operator, all of Norway’s short-haul airlines should be entirely electric by 2040. This move will place Norway as a pioneer in the field of electric transport.

2019 Jaguar XJ will be electric and challenge Tesla

On the 50th anniversary of the first XJ Jaguar decided, that it will reinvent this classic masterpiece into an electric car, which will go on sale next year.
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Porsche and Audi join forces to share new EV platform

Volkswagen Group is large. One of the benefits of being part of this group is the ability to share the know-how on common projects, just like now

Ferrari will make electric car and challenge Tesla (+new SUV)

Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne revealed that Italian luxury car brand will create its own battery-powered supercar, which is set to directly challenge Tesla Roadster, the high end of the electric-auto market.