Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Electric cars reached record 52 % market share in Norway!

The day has arrived. The first country, where sales of electric cars accounted for more than half of all sales of new cars already exists and it is in Norway. Thanks to the generous initiatives, electric cars wrote history.

California plans to have 5 million electric cars by 2030

California, which leads the country for the most number of electric vehicles and charging stations, aims big again. Its Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state wants have 5 million electric cars, plus 250 000 charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations by the end of next decade.

Ford will invest $11 billion into 40 electric vehicles by 2022

Chairman of Ford Bill Ford revealed at Detroit auto show that the company will invest even more finances in order to bring 40 electrified cars by 2022.

Ferrari will make electric car and challenge Tesla (+new SUV)

Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne revealed that Italian luxury car brand will create its own battery-powered supercar, which is set to directly challenge Tesla Roadster, the high end of the electric-auto market.
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Porsche and Audi join forces to share new EV platform

Volkswagen Group is large. One of the benefits of being part of this group is the ability to share the know-how on common projects, just like now

Volvo will offer multiple version of its electric cars, first one to come in...

Volvo, which has decided to shift to hybrid and electric vehicle production, recently unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the Polestar. Now the company released new information regarding its electric car fleet.
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“Tesla made in China” secured €279 million investment

Xiaopeng Motors is a Chinese electric car startup, which is famously known for being copycat of Tesla, secured investment in the amount of 2.2 billion yuan (279,78 million euros), mainly financed by Foxconn and Alibaba.

Porsche is investing €6 billion in electric cars

Porsche means business when it comes to electric cars. The company announced that it will double its investments to 6 billion euros to develop a fleet of electric cars by 2022.

Paris will phase out traditional cars from 2030, way ahead of country’s 2040 goal

After several bans on petrol and diesel cars announced by countries like Norway, UK, Germany, Netherland and France itself, the capital’s officials have decided...

The Voltia 8m3 electric van debuts in UK in effort to clean up London’s...

Voltia, a 100% all-electric zero emission van built on the basis of the Nissan eNV200 was recently launched in London as part of an initiative by Mayor Sadik Khan to reduce emissions from light commercial vehicles and improve London’s air quality.