Electric cars reached record 52 % market share in Norway!


The day has arrived. The first country, where sales of electric cars accounted for more than half of all sales of new cars already exists and it is in Norway. Thanks to the generous initiatives, electric cars wrote history.

As Reuters wrote, battery electric cars along with hybrids accounted for 52 % of all new car sales in 2017 in Norway. In 2016, they accounted for 40 % of all sales, an independent Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) reported.

As Wheels 24 wrote, battery electric vehicles along with hydrogen-powered cars accounted for 20,9 % of total sales in last year. Hybrid and PHEV vehicles accounted for 31,3 %. In 2016 it was 15,7 % and 24,5 % respectively.

Tesla was the main actor of the record in December. The purely electric carmaker sold 1429 Model X SUVs and 1032 Model S sedans. These vehicles were first and second bestselling passenger cars of 2017.

As for the full year, according to BilNorge, the VW Golf was the top-selling vehicle on the market, if you count all of its versions, including the e-Golf all-electric version, and in total accounted for 12 164 sales in 2017.

It was followed with BMW i3, which had the best year so far and in total sold 5036 cars. Third place was secured by Toyota Rav4, which is the first vehicle on the list without being purely electric or hybrid.

Tesla Model X was in the fourth place with 4748 sold cars, while Model S is in the 8th place with 3712 deliveries.

5 of the top 15 bestselling models in 2017 were all-electric cars and 13 out of the 15 models have electric power options.

Norway also beat its average CO2 emission for new vehicles with 74 g/km in December and 82 g/km for the entire year of 2017.

How did Norway manage this? The government urged a ban on selling new cars powered by an internal combustion engine, which will start in 2025. Electric vehicle owners also enjoy many benefits other than initiatives, such as free charging, parking or usage of bus lanes. Norway is truly an example for all world, even when it’s the largest western European producer of oil.

Table of bestselling cars in Norway:

Model Number of deliveries
1. VW Golf 12 164
2. BMW i3 5 036
3. Toyota RAV4 4 821
4. Tesla Model X 4 748
5. VW Passat 4 544
6. Mitsubishi Outlander 4 274
7. Toyota Yaris 4 071
8. Tesla Model S 3 712
9. Skoda Octavia 3 604
10. Toyota C-HR 3 508
11. Volvo V90 3 426
12. Nissan Leaf 3 374
13. Toyota Auris 3 246
14. Mercedes GLC 2 533
15. Renault Zoe 2 475

source: bilnorge.no

source of image: wikimedia.org

source of featured image: wikimedia.org

Author: Ing. Petr Štěpánek, Chief Editor, Future Media Production, s.r.o.