It’s early morning and you are heading to work. You pick-up your smartphone and summon a ride. Few moments, and it’s there. Car stops near you, opens the door and welcomes you. While commuting to your workplace, you can catch up with e-mails, listen to an audiobook or read. Whatever it is, you don’t need to focus on driving. This is a self-driving vehicle.

How to ensure nation wide-spread of electric cars? Portugal might have a solution

We know that electric cars are the future. But how fast can we reach this future? And what’s the best way to reach it? Usually, you would look up to Norway and take an example from there. But today, we are going to look at a different example, from the country you might not have expected it. That country is Portugal.

In Norway, gorgeous nature and e-mobility go hand to hand

Beautiful fjords, towering waterfalls and mountain peaks. Those are probably first things that people imagine when someone says Norway. This Nordic country is on the wish list of many travellers. However, Norway isn’t just waterfalls and fjords. Besides its contemporary architecture, the capital of Oslo is also recognized as EV capital of the world.

Volkswagen I.D. electric cars will begin production in November 2019

I.D. hatchback will go to most of the world, while the USA will be the first to get the I.D. Crozz crossover.

Porsche is investing €6 billion in electric cars

Porsche means business when it comes to electric cars. The company announced that it will double its investments to 6 billion euros to develop a fleet of electric cars by 2022.

Hyundai is preparing electric Kona with 470 kilometres of range for 2019

Hyundai is preparing a battery electric version of its SUV model Kona. The electric car is set to debut on 27th February, and it will start taking orders in summer 2018.

Tesla Racing is now an official thing

Tesla Racing, that was announced around 2 years ago, has received a full approval from FIA. Called Electric Production Car series (ECPS), its goal is to become a venue where carmakers can compete with its best-performing electric cars against each other.