Hyundai: Battery cost could stop falling from 2020

The high cost of battery technologies is slowing down the spread of electric cars. In long-term battery cost is decreasing every year and electric cars are also cheaper than before. However, Hyundai has a negative prediction, that the cost could stop falling in 2020.

Range might soon be 3x longer, says new research

The range of electric cars is still an issue. However, the industry is working hard in order to increase it. Newest study shows it might triple in near future.

Honda promises electric car that will recharge in 15 minutes in 2022

Electric cars still lack behind gas-powered cars in several things, one of which is charging time that takes much more time than a traditional car. On average, it’s around 30 minutes. Honda says its own electric car will be able to cut down this time to half by 2022.

Fisker promises 500-mile battery range in 2023

Anxiety range still discourages consumers from shifting to electric cars. It represents fear from not having enough kilometres to get to the nearest charging...