Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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What nations are global leaders in producing and using electric cars? Check the differences and current trends. Stay in tune with recent news.


In Norway, gorgeous nature and e-mobility go hand to hand

Beautiful fjords, towering waterfalls and mountain peaks. Those are probably first things that people imagine when someone says Norway. This Nordic country is on the wish list of many travellers. However, Norway isn’t just waterfalls and fjords. Besides its contemporary architecture, the capital of Oslo is also recognized as EV capital of the world.

Do you miss the sound of an engine in the electric car? Nissan has...

Electric cars have the same purpose as traditional cars with internal combustion engine but have many differences. Other than being powered by electricity, electromotor...

Toyota shifts priorities to electric cars instead of hydrogen, expands partnership with Panasonic

Instead of electric cars, Toyota’s first attempts were to focus on hydrogen technology. However, electrification has taken over market and hydrogen fuel cells take too long to develop, which is why Toyota now wants to focus more on what works on markets – battery electric cars and hybrids.

Tesla is planning to enter India’s market. Elon Musk asks the government for initial...

India, the second most populated country in the world, is suffering heavily with air pollution. Therefore, the government has set an ambitious goal and...

Lamborghini along with MIT unveil their first electric supercar

Lamborghini, the super luxury car brand was conservative with electric cars for a long time. This is changing now. Italian brand, along with engineers...

How to ensure nation wide-spread of electric cars? Portugal might have a solution

We know that electric cars are the future. But how fast can we reach this future? And what’s the best way to reach it? Usually, you would look up to Norway and take an example from there. But today, we are going to look at a different example, from the country you might not have expected it. That country is Portugal.

Tesla is planning to build a plant in China

Tesla, the first fully electric car manufacturer, is always on a rollercoaster. A few months ago, the company had successfully launched and delivered first...

Nissan unveils its most powerful electric car ever, which has even more power than...

After 2018 Leaf, Nissan has prepared a spectacular new electric car for the domestic Tokyo Motor Show. The company showed a concept electric car, which...

NIO debuts with new electric car, has a range of 500 km and lower price...

Chinese electric car startup, NIO, debuted with its own vehicle and the specs are quite good.

How do some countries take electric cars into consideration?

Great Britain: Great Britain´s government made a decision that they will forbid selling diesel and gas powered cars before 2040. The plan is that also hybrids...