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A minimum of $90 billion will be invested into electric cars

Governments all over the world, mainly in Western Europe, China and USA are planning to ban sales of new gas-powered cars sometime between 2025 and 2040. Therefore, traditional carmakers are under pressure to start creating cars that will follow these regulations.

The Chinese city of Shenzhen is the first one that uses...

China is really pushing towards ZEV future. The country is the biggest market for cars in general, and with mandatory quotas, it is forcing traditional carmakers to sell more electric cars every year. Now, it also has the first city which will use only electric buses for public transportation.

NIO debuts with new electric car, has a range of 500 km...

Chinese electric car startup, NIO, debuted with its own vehicle and the specs are quite good.

Electric sales increased worldwide by 63 %

Thanks to China, electric vehicles made record sales in Q3. Other honourable mentions go to Europe and North America. As Bloomberg reports, the number of...

Tesla is planning to build a plant in China

Tesla, the first fully electric car manufacturer, is always on a rollercoaster. A few months ago, the company had successfully launched and delivered first...

How do some countries take electric cars into consideration?

Great Britain: Great Britain´s government made a decision that they will forbid selling diesel and gas powered cars before 2040. The plan is that also hybrids...