Voltia launches newest product for fleet electrification: EVXpert


New, free to use online portal will bring fleet electrification closer to reality by enabling anyone to find the electric LCV for them.

Bratislava – Today, Voltia is launching EVXpert, a new tool to take a large step in helping people transition their light commercial vehicles (LCV) and fleets to zero emission electric vehicles.

The tool – an online electric LCV search and analysis portal drawing on Voltia’s extensive knowledge of the market of such vehicles, its own experience testing them and a custom algorithm – allows anyone to search for and discover suitable electric LCVs to meet whatever criteria they input.

Users simply go to the site and answer a few questions about their driving and cargo needs and practices and a few other criteria, calculate the results, and EVXpert will inform the user of all of the electric LCVs on the market which meet their needs. They can then analyze and compare models to find the one most suitable for them. The tool is easy to use, free of cost, and does not require registration.

“One of the main barriers to electric vehicle uptake is simply that people are not aware of the available vehicles on the market right now,” said Juraj Ulehla, managing partner of Voltia, “Yet this knowledge is one of Voltia’s core competencies. If you are interested in an electric LCV we want to help you find one. This portal makes it easy for anyone to discover and compare electric LCVs and choose the one which meets their needs. It’s the next step in our efforts to provide the tools companies need to transition to carbon free transportation and reduce air pollution in our communities.”

The primary criteria users look for are range, payload, and cargo space volume, but the application also considers many other factors such as recharging abilities, road characteristics.

There are X vehicles in the systems database as of this release, and more are coming online frequently. For a small fee, Voltia offers users a more in-depth consultation with a Voltia expert to discuss their results and next steps.

The tool is available to use at voltia.com/evxpert

Voltia is the flagship company of the Voltia Group, an international consortium of companies motivated by the desire to end our dependence on oil and provide cleaner mobility solutions for people and business. Voltia provides expert advising and customized deployment of electric vehicles into logistics and delivery fleets in a smooth, cost effective, and risk free manner, helping companies overcome the largest barriers to fleet electrification. Voltia is also the manufacturer of the Nissan-Voltia env200 Maxi vehicle.

Source: Voltia

Author: Ing. Petr Štěpánek, Chief Editor, Future Media Production, s.r.o.